SCANMATE i940 Scanner

Perfect for small offices and individual users

With the compact Kodak ScanMate i940 Scanner, collecting, managing and distributing information is simple and desktop friendly. It moves valuable information from paper into your workflow quickly and intuitively.

Document Scanners

Find the right high-speed business document scanner for your work. Kodak Alaris manufactures scanners with intelligent automated features and class-leading software. Document scanners from Kodak Alaris are the innovative choice.

Businesses of all kinds want to make their processes more efficient, and Kodak Alaris offers the right technology to optimize workflows that involves paper. Over the years, we’ve helped customers reach their digital transformation goals through image science innovation, our technology portfolio, and a global network of trusted partners. The overall quality of our desktop, departmental, and production office scanners consistently stands out from the competition. Accurate and high-quality information capture combined with intelligent software and trusted Kodak Alaris services provide custom document management solutions designed just for you.

Office Scanners

Our broad portfolio of office scanners include space-saving desktop solutions that never compromise on performance or image quality. These award-winning document scanners are ideal for front-office workflows and customer-facing transactions.

Connected Scanners

Whether you're a small team looking to share a device or a large enterprise that needs to deploy customized kiosks, Kodak Alaris has a solution that makes sense.

Production Scanners

These workhorse devices are trusted to process documents at some of the most secure institutions around the world.

Featured Scanners

Kodak Alaris S3100


Kodak Scanmate i940